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    TWIDL009 // Gixxer - Behind Enemy Lines

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    • TWIDL007 VARIOUS – PETS EP Number of tracks : 0

      Album Name: TWIDL007 VARIOUS – PETS EP

      Composer: Various

      Release Date: 2014/10/04

      Genre: Techno


    • TWIDL006 // 100 Kilo Maarten – Brain stops doing things Number of tracks : 1

      Album Name: TWIDL006 // 100 Kilo Maarten – Brain stops doing things

      Composer: 100 Kilo Maarten

      Release Date: 2014/09/01

      Genre: Techno


      1. TWP001 – SynnyS

    • TWIDL005 // SynnyS – A variation of myself Number of tracks : 0

      Album Name: TWIDL005 // SynnyS – A variation of myself

      Composer: SynnyS

      Release Date: 2014/07/10

      Genre: Techno


      Twidl is proud to present the third full length album by SynnyS. The style of the album varies a lot, from berlin to detroit to chilled out ambient. Enjoy the trip.


    • TWIDL004 // Natan Vance – Körper-double Number of tracks : 0

      Album Name: TWIDL004 // Natan Vance – Körper-double

      Composer: Natan Vance

      Release Date: 2014/06/02

      Genre: Techno


      Twidl welcomes the Belgian 'Natan Vance' onto the label with a very interesting and varying remix EP. After a 6 year break Natan went back to his techno roots still remaining that distinct dark edge! Körper-double is a dark and atmospheric track with a subtle hypnotic touch! Junkie Digital gives us a merciless remix with the hard feedbacked sound we've grown to love. Gixxer also totally rocks his remix with his slow and spacy influence. The SynnyS remix is filled with poly rhythmic sequences and brings a nice oldschool techno edge to this remix EP.


    • TWIDL003 // Gixxer – The unexplainable files Number of tracks : 0

      Album Name: TWIDL003 // Gixxer – The unexplainable files

      Composer: Gixxer

      Release Date: 2014/04/02

      Genre: Techno


      In this third instalment of Twidl Records, Twidl resident Gixxer provides three slow and fierce driving techno tracks. Enjoy, there's lots of high quality techno coming from this greatly talented producer in the future.


    • TWIDL002 // 2Junxion – Wardenclyffe Number of tracks : 0

      Album Name: TWIDL002 // 2Junxion – Wardenclyffe

      Composer: 2Junxion

      Release Date: 2014/02/20

      Genre: Acid Techno


      Check the sparkle!! This release is a ode to Nikola Tesla. The transmission of electrical energy without wires as a means for furthering peace, was his ultimate goal and the Wardenclyffe tower was created. Tesla's intention was to energize the earths atmosphere using extreme high voltages in order to have free energy available for everyone. With the wardenclyffe he created the biggest sparks and light bolts that, until today, are still worldrecord holders, never being surpassed by mankind eversince. We thank him for his contribution to the world, making it possible to produce this release by 2Junxion, containing some amazing remixes by Jack Wax & Audiowire, Oliver Kucera and Gixxer. Without electricity, this could never have happened. Wardenclyffe guarantees to bring some serious energy!


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      TWIDL001 // SynnyS – The Forest Number of tracks : 2

      Album Name: TWIDL001 // SynnyS – The Forest

      Composer: Ruben Hulzebosch

      Release Date: 2014/01/09

      Genre: Techno

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      The first release on brand new dutch techno label Twidl Records brings you a heavy 3 track remix ep of SynnyS. The Forest packs three very different mixes: The original kodama mix delivers very strong pounding techno with a mysterious ambience. Meanwhile, Pzylo completely polluted the forest with his acid rain, the good french acid sound! And Gixxer's pure techno approach ends this first EP on Twidl Records with a massive bang! Keep an eye on twidl... there's a lot more quality techno coming.


      1. SynnyS – The… 00:07:26

      2. SynnyS – The… 00:06:55


    • Thorin


      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Thorin van Gelden Nick Name: ThorinOccupation: Progressive Techno
      Junkie Digital

      Junkie Digital

      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Michel van den BergNick Name: Junkie DigitalPlace Of Birth: Anna PaulownaOccupation: Techno Electro


      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Ruben Hulzebosch & Michel van den BergPlace Of Birth: HengeloOccupation: Acid Techno
    • Gixxer


      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Jarno TankeNick Name: GixxerPlace Of Birth: HengeloOccupation: Techno


      Quick Facts

      Full Name: Ruben HulzeboschNick Name: SynnySPlace Of Birth: HengeloOccupation: DJ / Producer / Teacher / Sound Designer / Installation Artist


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    Ruben Hulzebosch
    Brederostraat 248
    7552KH HENGELO
    + 31 6 41 81 87 50

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